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Azure and serene, the island of Bintan is a perfect getaway for a relaxing vacation that will refresh the body and mind. Hotels in Bintan are world famous as beach front resorts and getaways.
Bintan offers its visitors serenity and solitude. As an island that thrives on its tourist industry, the staff from the hotels in Bintan work to ensure the most rejuvenating experience as long as you stay on the beautiful island of Bintan.
With the initiation of the eco tourism venture, many hotels in Bintan have opted to develop as eco resorts and hotels. Come close to nature by choosing to stay at these environment friendly havens. Many of these hotels function in green buildings and eco friendly resorts built in the local traditional style. This is perhaps a brilliant way to experience the culture and lifestyle of the people on this island. Bintan cheap hotels do not compromise on this experience. In fact, many of these eco hotels prove to be very economical as they offer a stay stylized to that which is familiar to the island.
Hotels in Bintan offers much to ensure their guests have a pleasant stay, from seaside barbecues, to aromatic massages and breezy hotel rooms. It is not difficult to get to the city side from these coastal resorts if you want to indulge in a shopping adventure. In addition, Bintan lies only 45 minutes away from the island of Singapore and the distance can be commuted by an exciting catamaran ride!
Bintan cheap hotels can be located for those looking for an economically planned holiday. This would be an effective plan for tourists visiting the entire group of Indonesian islands. This will help you plan out your expenses through the vacation as you have the choice of spending less on accommodation and more on experiencing this eastern paradise.
do not lack any of the basic facilities and the experience will be as hospitable as any other hotel. Small, cozy rooms with spectacular seaside views, natural landscape and timber interiors are very characteristic of these island resorts and hotels. Make a trip to Bintan while you are visiting Indonesia and do it all within a smart economical budget and get the most out of it. You can choose from a series of vacation plans offered by online hotel reservations, most of whom offer a whopping discount of up to 75% with accommodation rooms according to what fits your wallet best.

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