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While on assignment and at the executive hotel, it should be a safe sanctuary for your principal. However, hotels are now becoming prime targets for terrorism evident by the two recent Indonesia Jakarta hotel bomb blasts at the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott.
First rule in executive protection: don't make any more enemies. To do this start cultivating professional networks with the hotel security staff. Meet with the security director as part of your advance work. Communicate with him or her effectively and seek the advice from hotel security directors they know the hotel and the area best.
Ask for assistance directly oriented towards your principal's safety and convenience. This should include special parking privileges, use of a private elevator, additional security patrols near your principal's hotel suite, etc. Kindly as the hotel security director to ensure that your instructions are followed.
During your visit maintain respectful and professional relationships with the entire hotel staff as well, but don't be chummy, Don't look at the executive hotel as a temporary rooming house. Think of it as a place to build your support network, gain the ability to tap into professional relationships, obtain special insights and allocate resources directly towards your principal's safety and comfort requirements.http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UPjml-eCB08/TaBw6ob0ZKI/AAAAAAAACcg/T58l4h8NpAU/s400/Tante%2BSeksi%2BGirang%2BJakarta3.jpg.jpg
By using these methods you will have a hotel security staff who care about the protective and comfort needs of your principal. Building these support networks translates into more security, privacy, flexibility and less headaches. These connections will allow you to do your core job of executive protection better and help you achieve great assignment success.
By taking advantage of the hotel's security staff you will have a network of professional who care about your security wants, needs and desires during your stay at the hotel. The only problems come to agents who make outrageous requests without first expanding their network and influence at the executive hotel. Do this and you will have a staff of people at the hotel making you feel that everything is being done just for your principle. These deliverables are priceless in our industry. Keep safe and God speed.

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buat tante2 ini aku lagi sangat membutuh kan pekerja;an ..ini nmr hp ku 087775741125 aku berada di jakarta-utara

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Wat tante yg mau ml col aj 089628854865 di jamin puas.

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Hi tante...

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